4 Ways To Ease Anxiety During Halloween

woman crying in bed

Halloween sparks feelings of spookiness and scary chills. To some, this season might be appealing and one to wait for; for others, it is a time when their anxiety spikes to a higher level.

A patient in recovery might find this time extra challenging due to various triggers that can surface during the month. Here are some tips on how to plan for an anxiety-free Halloween.

Prepare Yourself

Before Halloween night approaches, prepare mentally for what will happen next. Addressing your fears and getting comfortable with them will allow you to face them differently and give you the confidence to overcome them.

Learning about your triggers will allow you to cope and handle them healthily. You should be mindful of your emotions and take care of them. You can replace your triggers with other things you enjoy doing during this time, like trick or treating or giving out candy!

Take It Easy

Being motivated and keeping yourself in check is always good trait to learn, but you must also be mindful of your boundaries and work to maintain them.

For example, if haunted houses trigger a fear that makes you feel anxious, work on setting your boundaries to avoid them. Practice when you should accept or confront something, it’ll help you learn more about your anxiety.

Grab A Friend

You are not alone in your journey to a better future. Whether you seek help from a support group or a friend, having someone help you through tough times can always improve things. Seeking help is never the wrong choice and will benefit you in more ways than you know! Having a friend to ease your anxiety will allow you to see it from a different perspective this season.

Seek Help

For you to learn how to cope with your anxiety, many techniques can aid in reducing your stress levels. Seeking therapy or help is beneficial to helping you establish coping mechanisms that will help reduce anxious thoughts and feelings.

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