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Drug misuse, abuse, and addiction can quickly consume one’s life. Drug addiction is a complex disease, affecting the brain and often leading to a wide range of physical, emotional, financial, and even criminal consequences. For those battling addiction, professional help is critical to a successful recovery.

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About Our Knoxville Drug Rehab Programs

Recovery is possible, and we are here to help you effectively achieve peace, wellness, and long-term sobriety. The process is not an easy one, but with our team by your side, you will have the support, skills, and tools you need to succeed.

We offer a whole-person approach to drug addiction treatment that focuses on strengthening mental health and wellness, engaging familial support, and empowering individuals to achieve greater physical and emotional well-being, all of which are critical to a successful recovery.

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Understanding Drug Addiction

Unfortunately, drug addiction is widely misunderstood. Many people do not realize that it is a disease like any other and that those struggling with addiction cannot simply choose to stop misusing or abusing harmful substances.

Drug addiction is characterized by a compulsive desire to continue using drugs, despite negative consequences affecting everything from one’s physical health to their mental well-being to their relationships with others. Addiction is not about morality or willpower; rather, it is a complex disease that affects the way the brain works, making it nearly impossible for individuals to quit without proper professional treatment.

According to the 2020 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, an estimated 40.3 million people over the age of 12 in the United States had at least one type of substance use disorder in the past year.

How Addiction Starts

Many people do not understand how someone can become addicted to drugs to the point that it begins to control their life. But addiction is a subtle process, and it can imperceptibly take over a person’s life without them realizing what is happening.

Often, addiction begins with tolerance. Tolerance occurs when an individual needs to take higher dosages or use a drug more frequently to achieve the same effects he or she experienced in the beginning. With increased tolerance comes dependency.

Once a person has become dependent on a drug, he or she may begin to experience withdrawal symptoms when he or she is not using or taking the drug. This can lead the individual to go to greater lengths to obtain the substance, engaging in riskier behaviors driven by a compulsive desire to take the drug despite the consequences. At this point, addiction has set in.

What Factors Influence Drug Addiction?

Several factors can contribute to drug dependency and addiction, including:

  • Biology: Studies have shown that an individual’s genetic makeup can put them at a higher or lower risk of developing a drug addiction.
  • Mental Health: In many cases, mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder can cause a person to self-medicate with drugs and/or alcohol, leading to addiction.
  • Environment: A person’s environment can also lead to a higher risk of drug abuse and addiction. Environmental factors may include peer pressure, poverty, sexual abuse, or exposure to drugs.

These and other factors can all play a role in a person’s risk of trying, using, and becoming dependent on or addicted to harmful substances. Often, these elements are beyond the individual’s awareness and/or control.

What Are the Signs of Drug Addiction?

Whether you are concerned about a loved one or believe you may be struggling with drug addiction, there are several warning signs that you can keep an eye out for.

Signs of drug abuse and addiction in a loved one might include:

  • Unusual changes in energy levels or speech patterns
  • Increased or new secretiveness
  • Changes in eating habits/rapid weight gain or loss
  • Dilated or constricted pupils
  • Apparent paranoia or aggressiveness
  • Irritability and lashing out
  • Loss of interest in once enjoyed activities
  • Changes in friendship groups or relationships
  • Social withdrawal and/or isolation
  • Lying, stealing, and other unusual behaviors

Symptoms of drug addiction in yourself may include:

  • Needing more of a drug/substance to get high or achieve the same effects as before
  • Uncontrollable cravings or a strong urge to use drugs
  • Changes in sleeping patterns, including excessive fatigue and sleepiness and/or insomnia
  • Feeling ill or experiencing withdrawal symptoms when not using drugs
  • Confusion, disorientation, or a sense of being in a “fog”
  • Constantly thinking about obtaining or using drugs
  • Engaging in risky behaviors and/or disregarding risks in obtaining or using drugs
  • Obsessive thoughts, paranoia, and a strong desire to hide drug use from loved ones
  • Feeling irrationally angry or upset with others/severe mood swings

Remember, drug addiction uniquely affects each individual. If you have noticed any of the above signs or similar worrying symptoms in yourself or someone you care about, we invite you to contact our Knoxville drug addiction treatment center to learn more.

Types of Drug Addictions We Treat

At Tennessee Wellness Center, we offer a range of treatments for all types of drug addictions.

Our programs are designed to help those struggling with:

Through our whole-person approach to drug addiction treatment, we also address co-occurring behavioral and mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety, which often play a key role in our clients’ recoveries. We believe in treating all aspects of your health to ensure a greater likelihood of avoiding triggers that can lead to relapse.

Our Knoxville Drug Addiction Treatment Programs

We provide both an intensive outpatient program (IOP) and a partial hospitalization program (PHP) to address the unique and varied needs of our clients. If necessary, we can recommend a suitable detox center for those in need of 24-hour supervision before beginning one of our treatment programs.

With IOP and PHP, clients continue living at home while visiting our center every day or every week. Each program involves a range of treatments, including various forms of therapy, counseling, and group sessions. These treatments are designed to provide you with the support, tools, and skills you need to succeed in your recovery and achieve lasting sobriety.

Drug Addiction Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Seeking treatment for substance abuse can be an intimidating experience that will undoubtedly come with many questions. Our team of trusted addiction treatment specialists have provided answers to some of the most common questions about our drug addiction treatment programs.

How long does drug treatment last?

Every person's journey to recovery is different, therefore the duration of your substance abuse treatment will vary depending on your progress and your specific program. Our programs can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months depending on your individual needs.

It is important to keep in mind there is no permanent "cure" for drug addiction. Sobriety is a choice and an ongoing process that requires a great deal of patience, persistence, forgiveness, and hard work. While you may struggle along the path, know that you are never alone. Once you receive treatment at our facility, you become a permanent part of our family and will continue to be supported long after your program concludes.

How do I help someone struggling with substance abuse?

It can be difficult to know how to approach a friend, loved one, or coworker who is struggling with addiction. While it may be uncomfortable, letting someone know you care can potentially be the push they need to get help. If you suspect someone you know may have a drug problem, we advise you do the following:

  • Learn as much as you can about substance use disorder so you can get a better understanding of what they are experiencing.
  • Let them know you are worried about their wellbeing and that you are there to help them in any way you can.
  • Plan out what you want to say in advance. If it helps, write down your thoughts and concerns.
  • Realize that the person may not realize or acknowledge that they have a problem. You cannot force someone to seek help.
  • Approach them from a place of compassion and avoid being judgmental in your words or tone.
  • Urge them to seek professional help. If they refuse, stay in contact with them and keep asking.
  • If the person continues to refuse to acknowledge an obvious problem, consider staging an intervention with professional help.

Is Drug Rehab Covered by Insurance?

In many cases, yes. Tennessee Wellness Center is proud to work with wide range of major insurance providers to ensure you get the treatment you need at an affordable cost. Reach out to our admissions team today to confirm if your insurance plan is accepted.

Insurance plans we accept include:

  • Cigna
  • Aetna
  • BlueCross BlueShield
  • Humana
  • MultiPlan

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